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Road Map & Progress

Project Description

OpenFaq is a FAQ component with voting and comments written using MVC 4.0 and EF 4.0 Code first.

It is a training project to try out various new .NET technologies.

It follows various methodologies like SOLID, YAGNI and KISS.

It is being written using TDD and BDD techniques.

Proposed Features

Technology features:
  • Use SpecFlow to write acceptance tests/scenarios
  • Use WatiN to create end to end tests first
  • Use BDD and TDD approach described here:
  • Take advantage of EF4 Code-First to create objects before making database tables

Business features:
  • User module for security.
  • FAQ module - Question and answers
  • Comments - users can add comments to questions and answers
  • Voting - users can vote on questions, answers and comments that they find the most helpful

Implemented Tasks

  • Setup solution with SpecFlow, WatiN, etc..
  • Created Acceptance tests for default MemberhipProvider configuration
  • Implemented Custom membership provider with limited functionality that uses EF 4.1 for back-end

See Road Map & Progress for progress on other features

Would you like to know more?

For the reasons of ego and self-importance, as I implement various features, I am going to describe how I approach things through my blog:
.NET Unplugged

On the other hand, other developers may even learn something as they look for rare gems of wisdom between statements like.

"As the greatest developer ever I like to stick to 3 letter approaches like TDD and BDD. 4+ letters just don't cut it any more."


"As someone with 100K reputation {[citation needed]} on StackOverflow, I am eagerly awaiting my 'Programming God' badge. KNEEL before the G?D of programming!!! Or suffer the wrath of Downvote!"

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